Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thoughtless by by S.C. Stephens

 ** spoiler alert ** 

 Where do I begin?... gawd this book drained me like no other book.

Thoughtless has been on my TBR list the moment it was published, my online friends got nothing but positive reviews about it so I was excited to read it but was discourage by the "cheating" that I've read in a review, is part of the story and then the 3rd book was not yet out and as much as I can I try to avoid incomplete series, since I'll probably go cray cray if I encounter another cliffhanger (cliffhanger is totally not advisable with my not so healthy mental state :P) but alas I can no longer contain the urge to go and read Thoughtless, so started reading it and damn.. now I know the reason behind Kellan's adoring fans club and group over twitter and other book blog's that I visited..
so enough of my twittering here's what I thought about Thoughtless: :P I both hate and love okay I hate her more than I love her (who am I kidding *smirk*) her actions make me want to pull all her hair out .Kellan's right, she's a tease and I'm having a hard time understanding her and her actions :< .I know that it's not that easy to choose, but her trying to keep them both is driving me mad and making me hate her, that is so selfish...and while "deciding" she keeps on sleeping with both of them O.O..(I'm such a prude..I know but gahhh) and she keeps on asking Kellan things that Kellan won't be able to refuse (my poor kellan :<)
and poor baby LOL.I do love him..really. :DD

favorite scene:   "Then he shrugged and standing up, slipped the shirt off. I openly gaped at him as he flipped it right side out and slipped it over me. I couldn't even speak"

So all in all..I do..absolutely loved Thoughtless :D and somehow I know this is one of those books that will definetely stays with me..I'll be adding this in my re-read bookshelf :D

Date I finished this book: 2/28/13
My Rating: 5 stars


  1. A wanted to try it from the beginning, I've even read the first chapter on my Kindle. After reading your review, I will take the plunge. I like your animation!

    1. Please..go read it now! Kellan is a total won't regret it. ♥