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Cobweb Bride by Vera Nazarian

Cobweb Bride (Cobweb Bride Trilogy, #1)
Cobweb Bride by Vera Nazarian
ebook, 293 pages

Expected publication: July 15th 2013 by Norilana Books 

Book Summary:
Many are called...
She alone can save the world and become Death's bride.

COBWEB BRIDE (Cobweb Bride Trilogy, Book One) is a history-flavored fantasy novel with romantic elements of the Persephone myth, about Death's ultimatum to the world. 

What if you killed someone and then fell in love with them?

In an alternate Renaissance world, somewhere in an imaginary "pocket" of Europe called the Kingdom of Lethe, Death comes, in the form of a grim Spaniard, to claim his Bride. Until she is found, in a single time-stopping moment all dying stops. There is no relief for the mortally wounded and the terminally ill....

Covered in white cobwebs of a thousand snow spiders she lies in the darkness... Her skin is cold as snow... Her eyes frozen... Her gaze, fiercely alive...

While kings and emperors send expeditions to search for a suitable Bride for Death, armies of the undead wage an endless war... A black knight roams the forest at the command of his undead father… Spiesand political treacheries abound at the imperial Silver Court....Murdered lovers find themselves locked in the realm of the living...

Look closer — through the cobweb filaments of her hair and along each strand shine stars...

And one small village girl, Percy—an unwanted, ungainly middle daughter—is faced with the responsibility of granting her dying grandmother the desperate release she needs.
As a result, Percy joins the crowds of other young women of the land in a desperate quest to Death's own mysterious holding in the deepest forests of the North...

And everyone is trying to stop her.

My Review:

Wow! This novel is wonderful and well-written. I enjoyed reading it and I can't stop thinking about it.

This novel started with different characters and their stories, confusing me at first
but later prove to be effective, because we are given a glimpse of each of the characters lives and personality, making it easier to feel connected with them. I keep on making my own assumptions on how the story will progress, but later on given up because it keeps on surprising me, I was really intrigue.. there was a story within a story and instead of feeling overwhelm I'm curious I wanted to know more, uncover all the secrets..especially Grial's secret's :P there is so much more to know about Grial and my speculations is giving me a headache.

The Characters. I can honestly say that I'm quite attached with the girls, not just with Percy which I've grown to like, more and more with every chapter...I didn't expect her to be so strong deep within..nobody expects her to, she was describe as dull-witted at first, which horrified me because how can a weak and dull-witted heroine will survive all the craziness that is happening in the book? but no! she demonstrate how strong she is by being a good leader, knowing and setting her priorities in order to keep her and her girls safe. Death, the bridegroom *sigh I wanted him for myself, I mean for Percy hahah but I don't want to expect :< I'm hoping for more of him in the next book.

Beltain, the black knight, he's fast becoming one of my favorite characters, he's fierce but we all know how good he is, just a little bit lost of what or whom to follow and can I say that I smell a love triangle here ohohoh :P but who knows?. Claere Liguon, I am excited on what will happen to her and Vlau, because the growing connection between the two of them cannot be denied, but with Claere's condition I'm afraid to hope. As for Duke Chidair, I wanted him dead, unable to move dead.(gahh I'm getting violent here :P)

Suggestions. I would love to see a map included in the book, the positions of the kingdom, towns etc. it will be great for my no sense of direction brain :D. And as for the cover, I'm not so sure if it will attract the younger readers, but that's just me.

So all in all I can honestly say that I loved it! The bloody details :D everything!
and I'm so looking forward for the second book :)

Will I recommend it? Yes! to the fantasy and blood loving readers, grab your own copy now at net galley :)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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